Creative Specifications

We appreciate your participation in this year’s Destination Builder Plus (100% State Match) program. The downloadable specification documents for each of the advertising opportunities are located below. For participation in Storytelling Development & Distribution; Custom Photography, Custom Video, please contact AskTourismOhio@gmail.com for direction and next steps.

When you are ready to submit your creative materials, please follow the naming conventions below. All creative materials should be submitted via the Upload Files page.

Ex.) PublicationName_InsertionDate_OrganizationName_Date
Ex.) MidwestLiving_JuneIssue_TourismOhio_20190605
Ex.) PandoraRadio_JuneFlight_TourismOhio_20190605
Ex.) DigitalDisplayAdvertising_JuneFlight_TourismOhio_20190605

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Help page or through email at AskTourismOhio@gmail.com.

Please visit your My Plans page for deadline information about your chosen advertising.

Failure to submit creative materials by the deadlines may result in a delayed launch or cancellation of advertising activities without refund.