Co-op Participation Responsibilities

"Ohio, The Heart of it All" values your partnership in promoting Ohio as a destination of choice. As a co-op partner, you play a key role in our objective to maximize "Ohio, The Heart of it All's
 budget toward media placement and minimize administrative cost. By knowing your responsibilities, you help keep administrative costs down, and improve the overall performance of our media program.


The top navigation bar of is your main path to all the steps listed below.

Setting up your Account

1. Create an account

Use the Sign Up section to set up your account. Please complete all fields for the Primary Contact and Billing Contact. General communication and notifications will be sent to the Primary Contact’s email address. All invoices will be sent the Billing Contact’s email address.

Building your Plan

2. Review media channel options

Using the program links in the navigation bar, review all the options offered in the co-op program. Options range from all types of media channels to creating stories, landing pages, photography and videos.

3. Make your selections

After reviewing your options and prioritizing them against your marcom objectives, select your options by clicking on the boxes, selecting from the drop-down menus or typing your information in the open areas associated with your media selections.


Caution: You must Submit Plan for your final plan to be processed.

4. Submit your Plan


When your selections are set and final, go to the My Plan & Upload Files page, scroll to the bottom and hit Submit Plan. Your plan won’t be processed until you hit Submit Plan.

Preparing and Submitting Your Media Assets

5. Review Creative Specifications

Once your plan is submitted, review the Creative Specs found under My Account. Use this information to create an internal creative timeline to ensure you do not miss deadlines.


Caution: All digital assets are due at least 4 weeks prior to the live date.


We must receive your assets on or before the due date or your participation in that month’s activity will be cancelled. With nearly 100 co-op partners and hundreds of media placements, we can’t make exceptions.

6. Submit your creative assets

On or before your assets are due, go to My Plan & Upload Files under My Account to submit your creative assets. All creative assets will be shown under the channel selection. An "Ohio, The Heart of it All" team member will download the assets, confirm the specs are correct and all the copy requirements are fulfilled before sending to our media agency for placement.

Checking Monthly Reports

7. Check your Monthly Reports under My Account

Under My Account, go to Metric Reports to find links to your monthly online reports. We publish two links, Digital media reports and SEM reports. To save time, we suggest that you bookmark these links in your browser.

All reports are ready for viewing after the 15th following the placement month. For example, June reports are available after July 15.

Receiving Invoices

8. Invoices are emailed

Invoices are emailed to your designated Billing Contact on the same schedule as reporting, on or after the 15th of the month following the placement month. For example, June invoices are emailed on or after July 15.

Invoices are generated by an automated billing system and may get caught in your spam filter. Watch for your first invoice by checking your inbox or spam folder. If you find an invoice in your spam folder, please open the email, right click the email and select Unblock Sender to allow future emails to go directly to your Inbox.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Help page.