2023 Co-Op Advertising Program FAQ's

2023 Co-Op Advertising Program FAQ's

Q: How can I learn more about how the 2023 co-op advertising opportunities can benefit my business or attraction?

A: The co-op program will be presented on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 1 p.m. via webinar; and Thursday, October 20, 2022 at 10 a.m. via webinar.


Q: Who can apply for the 2023 co-op program? 

A: The 2023 co-op advertising program is available to individuals, organizations or businesses located in Ohio that promote the state of Ohio as a travel destination. Eligible participants may include those engaged in air transportation, water transportation, interurban and rural bus transportation, taxi service, limousine service, other transit and ground passenger transportation, scenic and sightseeing transportation, support activities for air transportation, automotive equipment rental and leasing, travel arrangement and reservation services, performing arts companies, spectator sports, independent artists, writers and performers, museums, historical sites and similar institutions, amusement parks and arcades, hotels and motels, bed-and-breakfast inns, other travel accommodations, recreational vehicle parks and recreational camps, full-service restaurants, limited-service eating places and drinking places. The 2023 co-op advertising program excludes participation by organizations that denigrate, discriminate or encourage discrimination against any groups based on gender, religion, race, ethnic or political affiliations. TourismOhio reserves the right to reject applicants that, in the discretion of the Director of the Development Services Agency, do not promote the state of Ohio as a travel destination.


Q: How is the award of matching funds prioritized? 

A: CVBs are given priority, followed by nonprofit organizations and then, privately held businesses.


Q: Can I build my own program and request $25,000 in matching funds?

A: To receive matching funds, you must select advertising options offered in the 2023 co-op program.


Q: Is it possible to request more than a $25,000 dollar-for-dollar match? 

A: If you’d like to request more than $25,000, you must request so prior to November 18, 2022. After the 2023 co-op program enrollment closes, any remaining funds may be allocated to partners seeking over $25,000, as requested before November 18, 2022.


Q: Is the entire spend due when the co-op begins on January 1? 

A: No. Marcus Thomas will not invoice you until the advertising you elect has been delivered.


Q: Can businesses with less than $1,000 budgets participate? 

A: Yes. Marcus Thomas suggests budgets below $1,000 focus on Search Engine Marketing and/or Paid Social (Facebook and Instagram).


Q: What advertising opportunities will be utilized? 

A: We have some exciting offerings in the 2023 co-op program, including: radio streaming, podcasts, Search Engine Marketing, YouTube, digital and CTV, cable TV, Paid Social, eBlasts, photography, influencers, video, and storytelling.


Q: When are materials due for digital campaigns? 

A: For digital, all creative materials are due four weeks prior to the live placement date. For example, if your placement runs May 1-31, 2023, your materials are due April 1. Creative material due dates can be found in the specification documents located on the portal.


Q: How are the digital campaigns targeted? 

A: You may target your campaign by behavior segment (six different segments, such as foodies, family, nature & adventure, etc.) and geography (in-state and/or out-of-state, as well as zip code).


Q: Will I be able to track my digital campaign performance? 

A: Yes. Marcus Thomas will provide digital metric reports two weeks after the campaign concludes.


Q: What is Search Engine Marketing? 

A: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising. Search is the starting point for 60% of travelers. It drives hyperqualified traffic to your website and you only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad. Search can drive brand awareness and incremental offline sales.


Q: I have never run an SEM campaign. Where do I start? 

A: Marcus Thomas will build an SEM strategy for your business based on SEM research and analysis of your products, services and the SEM competitive landscape.


Q: Can Marcus Thomas build upon my current SEM tactics? 

A: Yes. Marcus Thomas will contact each partner preceding their SEM launch. Plans will be individually crafted and consistently optimized.


Q: Are the costs listed on the portal the total cost of each opportunity or my portion of the cost? 

A: The costs published are your costs. 


What is the address for the online portal? 

A: www.tocoop.mtllc.com